Switch to old WordPress editor

Wordpress is the most popular CMS on WWW. WordPress has come up with many updates. They have millions of plugins and web templates which can be downloaded for free. This has made WordPress more popular than others. With recent updates of WordPress, many of us have faced a problem of designing the

Is freelancing dying?

Freelancing is a very broad term, Many of us think freelancing is all about web design, graphics, etc.. No! It's not! an independent contractor is a freelancer whether he is a photographer, a writer, a journalist, and others. Freelance isn't dying any soon! Micro jobs are getting more popular day-by-day. And you


I spent more than 2 weeks to find a solution to this problem,Though there are 100s of posts on this , i couldn't find any solution, So decided to give a try myself. Problem: visual composer suddenly stopped working, It seems the new wordpress update has to do something with it, Basically it's Jquery