Is freelancing dying?

Freelancing is a very broad term, Many of us think freelancing is all about web design, graphics, etc.. No! It’s not! an independent contractor is a freelancer whether he is a photographer, a writer, a journalist, and others.

Freelance isn’t dying any soon! Micro jobs are getting more popular day-by-day. And you can expect millions more working as an independent contractor in the coming years.

Having being said that. How about IT freelancers? Well, IT freelancers life is going to be harder in the coming years. IT freelancers with basic knowledge of Html/CSS or photoshop must quit this platform as soon as possible! It is going to be extremely difficult to make a living for newcomers, Web freelance market is saturated years back, Now if you have some strong knowledge, if you can do something different, If you can update yourself frequently, you can survive this else better get into a new job!

Reasons why Web freelancing is dead/Dying

  1. Overpopulated – People of many south Asian countries has joined web freelance, This allows them to earn quick bucks, They can work for $5/hour. With a low price, you get low quality.  Slowly the web freelance market has lost its charm, Difficult to get quality products And many companies have left this platform.
  2. Old School– There are only a few freelancers in the market who can work with the latest platforms. Freelancing is a very competitive field, If you are not up-to-date you cannot earn a dime.
  3. Low Pay– As I said web freelance is very crowded and people are ready to work for a few dollars. Freelancing pay has gone down badly, Even if you get a project every week, It is not easy to make a living with the kind of payment you receive. This has made many good freelancers quit this platform and get into different jobs.
  4. Buyers Monopoly – Freelance cannot survive without buyers. This is true! But Freelance cannot survive without good freelancers too! There is more advantageous for buyers than freelancers. Freelancers have to deal with difficult buyers; sometimes they end up losing the money too.
  5. Dishonest Freelancers – Some freelancers are dishonest, sometimes they quote too low, sometimes too high, sometimes they just want to get the job but never finish it. Sometimes they don’t even start the job making it difficult for the buyers to choose this platform.
  6. Rat Race – It’s difficult to retain a client for a longer period of time. You can never depend on a client for a long time, you will have to keep chasing new jobs all the time. It’s not easy to get new projects. So your RAT RACE WILL NEVER END!

Light of Hope

  1. Some best freelancing sites have already started taking measures to reduce unwanted freelancers.
  2. Many small-time freelancers have already left the platform.
  3. County-based selection – Many clients have started filtering crowds by selecting them based on country they live.

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