Switch to old WordPress editor

WordPress is the most popular CMS on WWW. WordPress has come up with many updates. They have millions of plugins and web templates which can be downloaded for free. This has made WordPress more popular than others.

With recent updates of WordPress, many of us have faced a problem of designing the site since they have come up with a new editor called Gutenberg editor. This editor is really nice. but for old school guys, This is a little difficult to understand at the beginning and many of us don’t have time to learn this new thing.

Also, These new updates have an issue with some premium editor like visual composer, Divi builder, and others. So how to get over it? How to get old WordPress editor back? or How to make Visual composer work again?


 Using plugin:

Go to add new plugins -> Type disable Gutenberg editor -> you will find a list of plugins that can disable this new WordPress editor and you will get back your old editor.


Using Code:

1. Open Functions.php

add_filter('use_block_editor_for_post', '__return_false', 10);

And Save.

Youtube Video:

You are done! Hope this small tutorial helped you solve your problem!


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